- Over 140 commercials produced.

- Over 800 million accumulative views online.

- Commercials have over 30 Million accumulative views. 

- Shorty Awards Nominee - Netflix "Marlon Wayans Stand-Up Special: Tambourine". 

- Past clientele include: Nike, Sketchers, Netflix, Burger King, Lyft, Old Spice, Segway, Footaction, Tums, Kraft Heinz, Devour Foods, Chefs Cut Beef Jerky, Glasses USA, Crunchyroll, Baywatch: The Movie, Amp Me, Bang Energy, Rockstar Energy, Happ'n Dating App, Vybe Dating App, Test-M App.

- Co-Creators of the Transformers 5: The Last Night's "Bumble Bee" spot, featuring part of the VFX staff from the Transformers film.

- Show pilots in conjunction with major networks and agencies such as Relativity Media, WME, UTA, MAVTV, ShortsTV, and Conan Co. 

- Co-Creators of Mod Kids USA on Amazon Prime.

- Creators of over 14 original titles in association with a variety of networks around the world.


March 2016

Stepbrothers is about two half brothers that moved to the city together and cant keep a job no matter how hard they try because their pride always wins. Even though its tough at times they always have eachothers back.

December 2016

Lady Liberty is about three girls, trying to live together for the first time. They are tasked with having to figure out their new lives in Los Angeles while juggling work and social lives.

March 2016

"The Nutty Boys"  are made up of two twenty something hip-hop artists, trying to make it big by performing every day on the streets of LA. Life for the Nutty Boysis not easy, because trouble seems to always find them no matter what they do to avoid it. 

June 2017 - (Still Filming)

Mod Kids USA is a reality show about Seven families battling it out on the track.  The Mod Karts class is the smallest class that exists at Lucas Oil Off Road Racing, consisting of miniature trophy trucks driven by kids ranging from the age of 14 to 18. Its all fun and games, until one of the kids crashes, then all hell breaks loose between parents and team members in the pits and spotters section!

July 2019 - August 2019

Former classmates Lucas Steel, Sara Read, Jeffrey Boom and Zachary Seen are unexpectedly reunited 8 years later after a disturbing and unusual encounter. Life as these four rejects know it, is about to change.

August 2017

"The Novelas" by Tonio Skits, is a parody on "Spanish Novelas". A style made popular on latin daytime tv networks.  A long time drug lord king pin, has to come to terms with leaving the family business, while mediating the inner turmoil within the family and enemy cartels.


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